APS expects students to be responsible and keep their attendance up to date because it is critical for students’ learning and achievement of the course expectations. Students are required to attend school until the age of 18 or graduate.

  • Specific Procedures for addressing absenteeism: Students’ frequent absences would jeopardize their successful completion of a course. A student can have a maximum of 5 absences in a class semester for which the students must make up time on an hour-for-hour basis that will be arranged at the discretion of the principal, based upon the individual needs and resources of the school. If students leave early from a class four times, that will be counted as one absence. Parents will be notified of the behaviours of students to remind them of the school’s attendance policy.
  • Specific procedures for addressing lateness: Teachers will take attendance in the first 30 minutes of each class which will be considered as official. A student is not allowed to enter the class if he/she is late more than 15 minutes in which case, student would be required to submit a late note including the date, reason, and parent’s or guardian’s signature to excuse his/her absence.

In case of a valid reason (which would be decided by the principal), the absence or lateness of the student will be excused. In order to be granted credit, a student must meet the criterion of demonstrating that he/she has met the expectations of the course. Once a student registered more than 20 hours of absences from a course, the student may be denied the opportunity to complete the course.

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