• Hardware/Software Requirement Policy:

    School’s expectations from students are that they must have access to a computer or a laptop or any technological device equipped with a search engine, a scanner, and a printer to access the online courses. Students are also encouraged to have access to high-speed internet to avoid any obstruction in accessing the course.

    Students must know clear scanning techniques of the documents or their work. The scanning should be done properly and clearly, with unnecessary margins cropped. If the work to be submitted is more than one page long, then all the pages should be scanned together to create one PDF file.

  • Admission Policy:

    Admission, for online courses, requires students to fulfill the following steps:

    1. Print and fill the School’s Registration form that can be accessed, by clicking on the “Registration” link on this page or directly clicking on the “Registration” link in the drop-down menu of “Online Credit Courses”
    2. Scan the filled and signed registration form
    3. Scan any one of the identification documents including Driver’s license, Passport, Citizenship Card, Birth Certificate
    4. Scan any one of the proofs of pre-requisite documents including Ontario Student Transcript (OST), Credit Summary, or Local School Transcript translated into English
      NOTE: Mature students with related prior learning or work experience may apply for an exemption from a prerequisite (Please contact the APS Office for details via email at info@apseducation.com or calling us directly at +866-262-4724)
    5. Upload, all of the above three scanned documents and email us at info@apseducation.com

    NOTE: Students with special learning or medical needs should submit their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or medical records at the time of registration, along with the abovementioned documents, so teachers may provide adequate support during courses.

    For online courses, a minimum registration per course is 40 days to get the final report card and 18 days to get the midterm report card. The fees can be paid through e-transfer at apsalbion@gmail.com or directly in the LMS portal.

    Course Prerequisites

    Some courses extend or build upon the knowledge and skill developed in another course. The course that gives the required background and training is a prerequisite of the course that follows. If a course has a prerequisite, it will be noted in the course outline as well as the “courses offered” link in the drop-down menu of the “ONLINE CREDIT COURSES”. The prerequisite course must be successfully completed before the student may register in the next course.

    “If a parent or an adult student (a student who is eighteen years of age or older) requests that a prerequisite be waived, the principal will determine whether or not the prerequisite should be waived” (MOE, 2011a, S. 7.2.3).

    Students, who do not have a course prerequisite, yet can provide reasonable evidence of prior equivalent study or work experiences, may apply for a prerequisite exemption or obtain a letter of permission from their local school to obtain an exemption from a prerequisite. Students will be required to submit their school grades and all relevant work/school experience before their request is reviewed. Incomplete applications will automatically be denied.

    Students who enroll in a course for which they do not have a prerequisite, and who have not obtained an exemption from the prerequisite or Letter of Permission to waive the prerequisite, may be removed from their course at any time. No tuition refund shall be granted.

  • Attendance Policy:

    Attendance, for online courses, is described as a regular log-in into the account with at least a frequency of once in two weeks including the regular submissions of Assessment FOR/AS/OF Learning Activities and the Percentage Progress of the student in the course built within the Learning Management System.

    Online courses at APS has an expiration of 365 days, that is, the student will lose access to the course after 365 days, even if the course is not completed. Therefore, it depends upon the student whether to complete the course in a month, a couple of months, or a year. At the time of registration, the student will notify on the registration form, their expected completion duration of the course. APS understands that the expected completion duration of the student can vary from the notified duration due to different reasons. However, it would give the idea to the teachers and Principal to decide the follow-up frequency with the Students and parents/guardians via email, phone call, or virtual meetings.

    In general, the student is expected to log-in for a minimum of 10 hours per month for the timely completion of the course. If a student fails to log-in or no activity is seen for an entire month by the teacher-in-charge, the Principal or the administrator in collaboration with the teacher will contact the students and/or parents/guardians via email to update them about the timelines for completion of the activities.

  • Final Exam Policy:

    For Online Courses, the Final exam will stay hidden and private until the student completes the pre-requisites of the course 100% that is built within the LMS and the teacher approves the work. Afterward, the student is required to email the teacher to request the release of the final exam on the date and time specified by the student. The student would have to fulfill the following requirements before the release of the final exam:

    • The Progress Report on the LMS says 100% completion
    • Arranging a proctor (Eligible Proctors include Retired or active teachers/librarians, educational administrators, religious institution officials, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers/Notaries, Professional engineers, Medical Professionals, Military officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Other Officials)
    • The Proctor must have an official email address.
    • The Proctor must not be related to the student in any way and must not reside at the same address as the student.
    • The Proctor must be able to send APS the filled and signed Proctor form after the completion of the exam via an official email address.

    For students who wish to come to the APS office location to write the Final Exam, they can do so with an appointment, for which there is a separate fee that can be discussed with the administrator.

  • Policies on Cheating and Plagiarism:

    APS requires academic honesty from all students. Detailed information on plagiarism and how to avoid it may be obtained from your teacher. Students must understand that the tests/exams they complete and the assignments they submit for evaluation must be their own work and that cheating and plagiarism will not be condoned. Also, students must give credit to all research sources correctly and consistently.

    For Online credit courses the Teacher verifies that student work belongs to the student enrolled in the course through regular discussions with the students, student’s participation and response to the peer discussions, if applicable, as well as the involvement of the student in virtual activities including a mandatory zoom class before the Unit Test or near the end of each Unit.

    Plagiarism is an act of theft known by many names: cheating, borrowing, stealing, or copying.  It is a serious offense that may result in significant academic consequences.

    If a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing:

    • The teacher and student will meet to discuss the teacher’s concerns.
    • If the plagiarism is found to be unintentional, the student will be given an opportunity to rewrite the paper by an agreed-upon date.
    • If the plagiarism is found to be intentional, the academic penalty will be a mark of zero and a record of this will be kept in the principal’s office.

    If a student would like to appeal the teacher’s decision, the student can do so within five school days of the student/teacher meeting. The appeal must be made in writing to the Principal and must outline the reasons supporting the appeal. The teacher and the principal will sit together with the student and hear the appeal and the final decision will be made.

  • Fee Refund Policy:

    If the student cancels his/her course prior to starting the course they will receive a partial refund of tuition charges, that is, half of the fees paid will be refunded. However, If the student cancels the course after starting the classes, the tuition fee will NOT be refunded. Also, If the school removes the student from the course upon determination of non-fulfillment of the pre-requisite, then NO fees will be refunded or if the course has not been completed and reaches its expiration date after the completion of 365 days’ timeline, the fees will NOT be refunded.

  • Assignment/Test Submission Policy:

    For online courses, any assignment or test must be submitted within the Learning Management System (LMS), in the same drop-box where the assignment is posted, in the form of a PDF file. If the assignment or test is more than one page long, then, all the pages should be numbered on the top right corner and scanned together in the order of numbers, to form one PDF file. Finally, that one PDF file should be uploaded in the drop-box of the assignment lesson. APS will not accept any hard copies of the Assignments or Tests sent via mail, fax, or in-person.

    The LMS only allows the uploading of one PDF file per Assignment or Test, therefore, if the assignment contains more than one page and the student fails to scan all the pages to create one PDF file, the system will not let the student upload more than one page of the Assignment and their work will be considered incomplete.

    The Assignments/Tests should be scanned clearly and properly with unnecessary margins cropped. Blurry or improperly scanned assignments/tests will be rejected and will have to be submitted again within the deadline assigned by the teacher-in-charge.

    The teacher takes 2-3 business days to check and approve a submitted assignment. In case, the student wants the assignments to be approved within 24 hours it would be subject to extra charges that the students may discuss with the admin.

    NOTE: Make sure to watch the video to scan your Assignments/Tests properly to create one PDF file, that is uploaded, in the course itself right after “Welcome to the Course”

  • Reporting Policy:

    The part-time students will be issued midterm and final report card of each course after the completion of the course and will be sent to their homeschools’ guidance in a format as selected by the student including email, hard copy and mail via postal services. In case, postal services is selected by the student it is subject to extra charges. Once the report cards are sent and the student has left APS and extra copy of the report card is required, it is subject to extra charges of $50 per copy.