Amairah Private School (APS) also offers Online Credit Courses that follow the Ontario Curriculum and provide an opportunity for the students to earn credits towards their high school Diploma from anywhere and anytime. Following are the benefits of taking online courses at Amairah Private School (APS):

  • Students can earn Ontario high school credits from the comfort of their home
  • Students can access the course anytime during day and night
  • Students can work at their own pace as they have the flexibility to finish the courses in 1-year duration
  • Part-time or Full-time working Students can balance their work and study schedule according to their individual needs.
  • Adult students who are working full-time or are stay-home parents have the opportunity to earn high school credits for their future education needs including Nursing programs and more
  • Students have access to teacher’s help at any time and any day
  • Online credit courses are a more economical option to earn a credit than in-person credit courses
  • There are multiple ways to understand the lessons including video lessons that can be played infinite times, handwritten notes, textbook link, handouts, and more
  • Students located outside Ontario, working towards Ontario Secondary School Diploma have the opportunity to earn credits using Technology
  • International students seeking entrance into University or College Programs in Canada can take the courses from their location, to fulfill the pre-requisites of their respective programs, using technology