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Here you will find testimonials, student/parent reviews and comments about the services of Amairah Private School in Toronto, Toronto, GTA.

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  1. “I have been a student of APS tutoring centre for a while now and recently have started to attend its credit school. I can honestly say that it is one of the most professional and organized schools that I have ever attended. I have been a student at multiple different Public High schools and not one was as encouraging as APS, The staff is exceptional and the students are all Helpful as well.”

  2. “Amairah private school is a great private school that helps students get the best marks possible. This private school has helped me improve my marks and develop my skills that no other private school has!”

  3. “I have been attending “Amairah Private School” for over 4 years now and it is a great tutoring centre for learning for any age. I have learned many things throughout the years and hope to learn many more.”

  4. “APS is a superb institute. After completing 4U Biology here I am forever indebted to Ms. Niharika and her outstanding teaching performance. All my friends in day school are constantly complaining and are unhappy with their teachers teaching in comparison the teaching here is extraordinary. Overall, I was able to understand a large majority of the concepts and have fun at the same time.”

  5. “I am Ghazala Gilani. My kids Ryid and Raneem have been attending your tutoring classes since 2 years. It’s been a very rewarding time for the kids because they have shown incredible interest and improvement in their grades. I really appreciate and recommend the services provided by you.

  6. “I have been attending the tutoring center of APS, for the past two years, and it has helped me to continuously and tremendously surpass expectations. Whether it came to teaching, understanding, and even just encouragement in general, there has been no establishment to match their level of competence. Overall, I am beyond pleased and grateful for their services.”

  7. “APS has been a wonderful experience for me in the past and present. Ms. Niharika is an amazing and helpful teacher that has an outstanding teaching performance. She made the topics very simple to understand as opposed to normal school teachers. I really appreciate everything that she has done for me. I would highly recommend her.”

  8. “I am grateful for the help that Ms. Niharika has offered me for my last year of high school. Even before I met her, I had heard nothing but positive remarks about her from my peers who were previously taught by her. She is very meticulous in her work and clears concepts and fundamentals like no one else. Ms. Niharika began tutoring me when I began Advanced Functions. Math was never my forte, however, because of her efforts, patience and informative lessons, my understanding of both Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors improved drastically, achieving a final grade of 80% in Advanced Functions and a “mid-term mark of” 85% in Calculus and Vectors. APS Staff connects exceptionally well with all their students and would do their best to help you succeed in all of your courses.”

  9. “APS was instrumental in aiding my child in order to excel and achieve in both his Math and Science courses at the High School level. Their strong teaching ethics and fluency in all stands of Mathematics and Science, has enabled David to continue to have success in the Academic stream. The teachers engage and motivate their students to do well. They genuinely care about their students and their respective academic abilities. They always go an extra mile to ensure understanding. They keep parents well informed of the progress of their child, as well as outlining the areas which may pose challenges. They follow up with the parents after tests and exams to ensure the students have done well. The teachers use a variety of strategies and teaching techniques to make the students understand the expectations from the assigned work. They are highly effective in their abilities to teach and be understood. I would recommend APS to other parents who are seeking extra help for their children, and wish to see them improve with school grades. Thank you APS for all that you do for David!”

  10. “My name is Sahib Madahar and I am a grade twelve student. I have been a student with APS for their tutoring services for the past four years and the staff is remarkable. The teachers endlessly work hard to provide the highest-level of education needed for their students to be successful.
    I have strongly benefited from this institution as they have helped me develop a strong foundation for my courses and acquire the necessary skills for my future aspirations. By attending tutoring sessions, I noticed a drastic improvement in marks and understanding of course materials. APS does an excellent job in connecting with their students through interactive activities. I would highly recommend APS to all students hoping to elevate their understanding and develop a strong set of skills to be successful.”

  11. Attending APS was one of the best decisions I have ever made. APS offers high quality teaching, amazing teachers who truly care about student success and push you to reach your potential and a professional environment that fosters growth and learning! Through Amairah Private School, my math skills improved dramatically and I had several opportunities to excel within the classroom. The small class sizes and thorough lessons have allowed me to understand math like I never had before. I am forever grateful for the friendships I have formed at this school and for the amazing staff that make it their priority for students to achieve their goals. Next year, I will be attending the Schulich School of Business and I know that I will be more than prepared for my future endeavours. I highly recommends APS for economical prices, a great learning environment and high well deserved marks.

  12. After struggling through grade 11 functions i decided to attend Amairah Private School, and I can say that without a doubt that my math skills have improved greatly. I attended both advanced functions along with calculus and vectors here and achieved great marks. The learning environment is great, classrooms are small and you always get one on one help with your teacher. I personally believe that the individual help I received on a daily basis is the reason I have achieved the success that I currently have. Not only was it a great learning environment, I also had a lot of fun. The teachers are very nice and personally my classmates became some of the closest friends I made. I would highly recommend Amairah private school to anyone considering attending a private school.

  13. Amairah Private School has been a amazing experience for me. I was recommended by my principal and I’m glad I took this amazing opportunity. With this school, I took functions, chemistry and calculus and I wouldn’t change that for anything. After attending this school, my math skills improved because I was getting the help I needed. The timings were great, with no burden on the students and everyone’s marks improved tremendously especially mine! The teachers are willing to help out in any way possible and the teaching environment is great! I ended up with a mark that I’m happy with and which looks good on my report card. The environment is also amazing! If you need one on one help, you have a teacher who will be there for you. APS also has a personal connection with their students, which makes the classes even more fun and enjoyable. I totally recommend this school to everyone who’s struggling with courses and also if anyone needs tutoring.

  14. Amairah Private school is an amazing place to learn. The teachers over there will do whatever they can in order to help you to understand the concepts. The will find the teaching style that is the most suitable for you. They are extremely helpful when it comes to preparing you for tests and quizzes. One of the best private schools out there!

  15. During my time at APS I learned so much about advanced functions and community. The teachers are so nice and caring and generally want you to succeed and learn. My time here was well spent and I will definitely be coming back again.

  16. Amairah Private School is an incredible institute with helpful staff and a comfortable learning environment for your child to prosper in. The staff will go above and beyond to help you better understand unfamiliar and challenging concepts. As a student who was enrolled in the grade 12 functions class, I can say that my mathematical abilities have improved drastically. A vast variety of courses are offered to help students achieve higher marks, and tutoring is also offered. If you are interested in their courses or tutoring, give them a call today!

  17. APS is an amazing private school to attend. The teachers have a specific teaching method that makes it easy for all students to understand the content being taught. APS has made learning easier for me and it can do the same for you !

  18. This private school is exceptional ! They have an excellent learning environment and definitely have the resources available to help student’s reach their full potential. After being a student here , I finally started to love math , as I finally understand it. If you’re in need of math help , and want to have an excellent teacher with lot’s of knowledge this is the place for you! Amazing school , with amazing teachers and resources to help you succeed !

  19. Fantastic school! This School is very professional, caring, knowledgeable and well organized. The admissions process was outstanding, they really care and truly want the best for your child. Students are given a chance to explore themselves. The staff and the management is very cooperative and helpful. This school prepares you for college and university.

  20. I’ve been attending APS for about 2 years now for tutoring and private school and I’ve improved significantly in my academics. I have recommended it to all my friends and family, and would recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a welcoming learning environment.

  21. I have been attending aps education since middle school and it has been the best learning experiment for me and I got lots of help from here rather then at school

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