“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”

Amairah Private School started its journey from tutoring students in Toronto, Ontario in 2011, with the aim of providing quality education. Our mission is to constantly strive to earn greater heights by building student’s educational foundations. We are serving here true to our potential, to metamorphose the young minds into a potential source of knowledge, energy, strength, and a catalytic force to transform the social fabric. A dedicated team of teachers, administrative staff, aware and cooperative parents, and a management imbued with great vision, form a unified team making endeavours to achieve the above.

We aim to provide an education which explores and strengthens the potential which is innate in every individual but awaiting expression. In order to do so, we seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the pupil in an atmosphere that is happy and nurturing. Emphasis is thus placed on promoting personal achievement, building a sense of responsibility and ultimately securing a strong sense of self. We believe that education is not about mere imparting knowledge but more about opening the child’s mind to self expression.

I have realised that with little hard work, some attention from parents, guidance and a pat on the back from teachers make the process of learning easier, acceptable and enjoyable.

It is our aim to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field. Together we will have to move along, as we all sincerely believe to REACH HIGHER.

Aman Singla
Amairah Private School, Toronto, Ontario