The Information technologies owned or operated by Amairah Private School must be used for the purpose of enhancing education and instruction and to conduct the school business. Any use of the school’s Wide Area Network and its connection to the Internet for advertisement or monetary profit must have the school’s approval. The school will from time to time and without prior notice to the student, access, and/or monitor the Electronic Information Systems. The use of the School’s Online Credit Courses Platform for unlawful activities is strictly prohibited.

All such occurrences will be investigated by the school, and, in the process, may involve law enforcement authorities. Students found in violation of the agreement may face disciplinary action, which may include:

  1. Suspension from the School network
  2. Revoking access to electronic devices and the Internet on the Board network
  3. Suspension from school
  4. Paying the cost of any damages/losses resulting from the student’s inappropriate use of the references
  5. Referral to the police or law enforcement authorities.

Following activities are considered unacceptable:

  • Users will not post, publish, or display any defamatory, abusive, threatening, sexist, racially offensive, profane, obscene, discrimination based on sexual orientation, illegal and other material found to be offensive.
  • The sending or storage of offensive messages from any source is prohibited.
  • Users shall not copy information or software in violation of copyright laws.
  • Software and resources downloaded will be used only under the terms and conditions specified by the owner or creator of those resources.
  • Only authorized staff is to download software, applications (“apps”) or executable (.exe) programs.
  • It is prohibited for a user to post messages and attribute them to another user.
  • Users will not plagiarize works that they find on the Internet. Plagiarism is taking the ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were original to the user.
  • Transmission of any software having the purpose of damaging computer systems and files (i.e. computer viruses) is prohibited.
  • Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy the data of any person, computer or network linked to the School’s Network is prohibited and will result in financial compensation to the school and/or the pursuance of criminal charges and/or other disciplinary action consistent with the School Code of Conduct, school policy and/or legal authorities.
  • Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the School’s system or to any other computer system through the Board’s system or go beyond their authorized access. This includes attempting to log in through another person’s account or accessing another person’s files. These actions are illegal, even if only for the purposes of browsing.
  • Users may not share their passwords or accounts with others and must make all efforts to safeguard this information from unauthorized users.
  • Users are advised to refrain from giving out personal information, such as their family name, email address, home address, school name, city, country, or other information that could help someone locate or contact them in person.
  • Users will not post identifying photos, videos, or recordings. Any capture of a photo, video, or audio recording through the use of any device or sharing/posting of such will only be done with the expressed authorized permission of those involved.
  • The school reserves the right to block access to the sites and to conduct regular checks of the system as deemed appropriate.
  • An individual search will be conducted if there is reasonable cause to suspect that a user has violated the law, the school code of conduct, and/or the Student Responsible Use of Technology Agreement.
  • Upon access to or receipt of material that is educationally inappropriate and contrary to the Board’s Mission, Vision, and Values Statements, the user shall immediately turn off the display and report the incident to the classroom teacher, administrator, or Principal.