A student’s grade in a course is determined based on the student demonstrating the degree to which he/she meets the curriculum expectations of the course. Attendance and punctuality are paramount with regards to Tests and Exams as is the prompt meeting of assignment deadlines. Lateness or Absence for Tests, and Late or Missing assignments can adversely affect the student’s assessments and evaluations. Students with legitimate reasons for a missing test, exam, or being late or having missed assignments, must submit appropriate documentation to support their claim. Students who have undocumented absences at the time of tests, assignments, exams or other evaluations may not have a make up opportunity and may be graded zero on the evaluation. In case of emergency students may request a wavier of the attendance requirement which should be submitted a week before the evaluation. Granting or denying the request for wavier will be decided by the principal after determining if a student’s reason and documentation for missing a test, exam, or submitting late or missing assignments are legitimate. In case of denial the student will not be allowed the opportunity to make up the evaluation time. If the request is accepted the evaluation will be rescheduled to a mutually agreed upon time.

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