Further Your Knowledge with Post-Secondary Education in Canada

further-your-knowledge-with-post-secondary-education-in-canadaWhile others prefer working right after high school, some would rather further their education and enroll in post-secondary education.

In Canada, there are three types of post-secondary education or tertiary education, which are colleges, universities, and institutes. Each of them offers different courses and programs, as well as the level of difficulty and duration. Students can choose from any of these and receive quality education according to their desired profession.

For Grade 12 students who have an interest in attending tertiary education, they must be prepared on what university, college, or institute they want to attend. To do so, they must see to it that they meet their preferred school’s requirements and the necessary preparations needed, such as achieving highschool credit.

As such, Amairah Private School, a private school in Etobicoke, Ontario, would like to help students get to their desired tertiary school.

We provide tutoring services in Ontario to help students get the required credits needed for their admission.

APS offers university preparation courses for Grade 12 students, for example:

  • Advanced Functions MHF4U
  • Calculus and Vectors MCV4U
  • English ENG4U
  • Biology SBI4U
  • Physics SPH4U
  • Chemistry SCH4U

No matter what path our students choose to take, we will help them through it. Our school makes it a point to enhance their innate knowledge and capabilities to give them leeway for higher education and achieve success in their endeavors.

Contact us today to learn more about our tutoring services.

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